Datos101 Virtualization

Virtual machines

Hyper-V and VMWare

Always available environments

WMWare - Hyper-V

Granular restoration

Save time, recover and access any file without completely restoring a VM.

Instant continuity

Run direct allows you to run a virtual machine directly from the backup, no download is required to get started.


While the machine is running, you can start migrating it to its original production environment without wasting a moment. (compatible with vMotion)

Timely restoration

Choose when you wish to recover your VM from all the backup locations.


Continuous backup

You can choose the interval at which the copy is made starting from 1 minute.

Multiple destinations.

Store the backup of your VMs in your destination of preference, such as FTP, Cloud, Local, even all at once.

256-bit encryption.


All actions performed by users allowed in each of the VMs are saved for full compliance with the GDPR.

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