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There is only one effective way to protect ourselves from ransomware and that is to make frequent backups.

The most effective protocol would be to have the important information replicated 3 times, once on your computer, once on a local backup and once in the cloud.

Ransomware is easily distributed over your network, so having a backup completely isolated from the rest is the best option to keep your data safe.

Size doesn't matter

We have several product ranges to work with, from a small company to a multinational, we adjust our hardware to your environment without paying for what you don't need, Datos101 grows with your company.

Maximize security

Our Data101 appliance devices offer a powerful all-in-one business tool with backup and continuity through disaster recovery, ensuring business continuity in minutes.


Protect your data from 2tb onwards with our devices. Expanding the capacity is very simple and fast, just decide on the model that fits your needs.

Cloud Integration

Data101 appliance is fully integrated with our datacenters if needed for greater long-term data retention and archiving.


Ongoing monitoring

Our devices incorporate predictive hardware failure analysis and will alert our support team before the problem occurs and they will contact you.

Save time and money

The installation is simple, simply connect to your rack and configure in a few simple steps, your entire system will be protected in the shortest of time.


Disponemos de renting flexible para todos nuestros modelos de servidores de backup, consulte para su modelo.

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